Alliance forces are rapidly increasing the number of multinational contingent, which reached 40 thousand people now, according to Gerlinde Nigus, head of NATO member countries Department at NATO's Public Diplomacy Division.

“Now NATO involves 40 thousand people. In order to facilitate the coordination of military exercises and training, Alliance has opened eight new headquarters. Anti-missile defense systems have been deployed to protect Turkey,” the diplomat said at a conference held in Kyiv on Tuesday, July 19,” a QHA correspondent reports.

According to Gerlinde Nigus, the Alliance forces to successfully respond to the challenges of hybrid wars. Thus, new divisions have been established at NATO's intelligence. The created battalions and headquarters will conduct regular exercises for emergencies.

The diplomat also considers that monitoring the situation in the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as strengthening the borders of the Allies remains a priority for NATO.

A company of the US military is currently deployed on a permanent basis in Latvia. In addition, more than two hundred units of American armored vehicles, including Abrams tanks and Bradley armored vehicles have been brought to the Republic. 

It was reported earlier that NATO countries are planning to deploy four multinational battalions in the Baltic States and Poland and one armored division in the United States to carry out tasks in the field of collective security and defense of the Alliance.