The politician said that in the spring of 2014 the referendum held in the Crimea did not meet all standards.

“I can say that the way to solve the problems of the Crimea should start with a normal referendum that needs to be carried out there. The first time there was not a normal referendum. Herein the basis of the problems lies” Navalny said.

In the absence of a fair referendum Navalny sees the main problem of the peninsula today.

“That is why the Crimea is not recognized, it does not develop, and it will not be developed in the foreseeable future, like the Northern Cyprus. This is an unrecognized territory. In order to begin the solving of these problems, we must have some point to start from, and it should be clarifying the real will of the Crimean residents in the most honest and most transparent referendum,” he said.

Candidate for President of Russia noted that the implementation of the Minsk agreements is a way to build relationships with Ukraine. He excludes the opinion that the annexation of the Crimea is a "historical justice", stressing that such a thing does not exist.

“Today there is one historical justice, but tomorrow it is another. For the Crimean people it is one thing, for the Crimean Tatars, it's completely different.”

Navalny went on saying that his first task after inauguration would be the release of all political prisoners.

Russia occupied the Ukrainian Crimea in February-March 2014, calling the falsified referendum of March 16 the will of the Crimean people on joining the Russian Federation. Most of the world did not recognize the Russian Crimea.

For Ukraine, the Crimea remains temporarily occupied territory.

Earlier, the Russian opposition politician Aleksei Navalny announced that he would run for President of Russia in 2018.

Photo: Internet