Ukrainian Ombudsperson Lyudmila Denisova published photos of political prisoner Oleg Sentsov, which she received from her Russian counterpart Tatyana Moskalkova.

“Just received photos of Oleg Sentsov from the Russian Commissioner. According to the information that was given to her, Oleg is active, goes to watch TV, reads books, writes something from time to time. Everybody, I quote, are surprised how he holds, his condition is satisfactory. On my question, can I publish photos, I was told when they asked about permission to take a photo, Oleg realized that people are worried about him. These three photos of Oleg Sentsov I have just received,” Denisova wrote.

The lawyer of Sentsov Dmitry Dinze in a commentary to the photographs wrote: "Looks even worse in life, believe me."

Previously, Denisova reported that Sentsov gave his consent to be filmed.

According to her, Anatoly Sak, the Ombudsman for the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District of the Russian Federation, where the political prisoner is held, will be able to photograph Sentsov and shoot a video of his conversation with him.

Also, according to Denisova, a public monitoring commission is going to visit Sentsov.

The Ukrainian Ombudsperson told that she spoke with the lawyer of the political prisoner Dmitry Dinze.

"According to him, Sentsov now has a third protracted crisis. Twice they wanted to send him to the hospital, to put him on medical equipment and begin forced feeding,” the Ombudsperson said.

The last time the doctors intended to chain the filmmaker to the bed and began forced feeding.

“Oleg said that he would not stop the hunger strike. He drinks the minimum amount of medical mixture and water, so as not to lose consciousness and control what is happening to him," the defender told the Ombudsperson.

On August 8, the sister of the Kremlin's prisoner Natalia Kaplan said that everything is not just bad, everything is catastrophically bad with Sentsov. The filmmaker in his letter noted that he felt the nearing end. According to Kaplan, Sentsov is not given any letters addressed to him and thinks that his hunger strike is forgotten.

Previously, in his appeal, Sentsov said that he was not going to stop the hunger strike. The political prisoner also noted that even if he was allowed to move to occupied Simferopol, his state of health might not make it possible.

August 7, Oleg Sentsov's lawyer Dmitry Dinze said that the political prisoner had anemia, and also a very weak pulse. According to the lawyer, he also felt bad due to the fact that now he has low tolerance to heat and the weather in Labytnangi was very warm.