There is no place for “enemy TV channels” in Crimea, head of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov announced during a press conference in Simferopol, Feb 13.

Commenting the current situation of Crimean media, Aksyonov said “the authorities are interested in normal work of Crimea’s radio and TV stations, still we are against distorting facts, and even telling lies”, and then went on talking about Crimean Tatar ATR Channel.

“The media which escalates hysteria and gives people hope that Crimea will return to Ukraine, TV channels, which acts destructively, they will not work in Crimea, no doubt. We don’t need enemy media here, which agitates people and tells lies”- Aksyonov said.

“Someone may like exciting Crimean Tatar population on this issue (issue of Crimea’s return to Ukraine,-ed.), still I warn, that we will not allow driving a wedge between the nations in Crimea”- Crimean head summed up.

The director general of ATR Channel Elzara Islyamova commented Aksyonov’s statement.

“We do not consider ourselves “an enemy channel”, as we cannot be neither a friend nor an enemy to the government. This is not a function of the media- Islyamova said. ATR Channel does not escalate the situation, but informs people about current problems in Crimea, if any”- she said.