In the Sumy region, the officers of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (UASBGS) stopped a car with Russian license plate. The driver was trying to deceive the guards, having driven in the "green zone" for vehicles, thereby demonstrating that he does not carry prohibited items, the UASBGS spokesperson Oleg Slobodyan posted on his Facebook page.

According to him, the border guards focused on the driver's profile indicator, which suggested the possibility of the risks of illegal transportation of goods.

“Border guards were not mistaken. When checking the car, they found technical documents to one of the nuclear power plants (two books describing the technological components of individual systems, and one CD-ROM) hidden in the car cooler of the trunk, Slobodyan said.

The driver said that he was asked to carry those books to one of the Russian cities.

The incident had been reported to representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine and other cooperating agencies.