US President Barack Obama weighed in on the Ukrainian protests, voicing support for anti-government protesters in the country.

“In Ukraine, we stand for the principle that all people have the right to express themselves freely and peacefully, and have a say in their country’s future,” Obama said in his state-of-the-nation address, RIA Novosti informed.

As also reported, the Canadian government has decided to bar "key government figures" in Ukraine from entering the country, in response to violent clashes between protesters and police in Kyiv, Ukrinform reports.

"Given the violent repression of legitimate protest and the intimidation of opposition voices, we will be restricting entry to Canada - effective immediately - for key government figures as a direct result of their actions in recent days," reads the statement of Canada's Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird Minister, which was posted on the website of the Canadian government.