Russia must stop violating international law, fully de-occupy the territory of Ukraine and stop destabilizing relations with the United States and other countries, and then the anti-Russian sanctions, which were imposed for the invasion of Crimea, will be removed, the 44 President of the United States of America Barack Obama said at his Final press conference.

“The reason we imposed the sanctions, recall, was not because of nuclear weapons issues, it was because the independence and sovereignty of a country, Ukraine, had been encroached upon by force, by Russia. That wasn’t our judgment, that was the judgment of the entire international community.

And, Russia continues to occupy Ukrainian territory and meddle in Ukrainian affairs and support military surrogates who have violated basic international laws and international norms. What I’ve said to the Russians, is as soon as you stop doing that, the sanctions will be removed, - Obama said.

Earlier, January 14, 2017 US President Barack Obama has extended sanctions against Russia until 2018. The reason for this, according to the President, was Russia's actions that threaten national security and foreign policy.

Photo: Internet