For two years the Day of the Crimean Tatar Flag, which is celebrated annually in Crimea on June 26, has been held in mainland Ukraine.

At the same time, the occupation authorities decided to show that they allegedly do not oppress the freedom of the Crimean indigenous people and therefore arranged their own festival.However, the Crimean residents ignored the celebrations as it was attended only by the organizers, speakers and their parents. A pro-governmental Millett TV Channel streamed the event.

- With foam at the mouth, the frontmen called on the Crimean residents not to sit at home watching TV, but rather go to the park and spend the festive evening together with them. They also told how happily the people were celebrating the Day, but for some reason these happy people were not shown – only the scene was screened, a journalist Shevket Namatullaev wrote on Facebook.

Namatullaev also added that the feast was attended by the "Vice-Speaker" Remzi Ilyasov who was to deliver a congratulatory speech. However, he refused to speak and went away after seeing that there are almost no people.

PHOTO: Facebook