The occupation authorities in Crimea intend to take away real estate titles, granted on the peninsula under the legitimate Ukrainian authorities, according to the report of the Russian edition Kommersant.

The publication says that documents confirming ownership of land in the Crimea or the right to use them can be recognized as invalid.

According to self-proclaimed officials, these documents do not meet the requirements of the Russian Federation legislation. As an example, there are beaches and parks, which, according to the occupants, are used for other purposes. The initiative was proposed by the "Head" of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov.

"Authorities" plan to clear most of the places with questionable documentation until 2021. According to preliminary data, the approximate cost of the sites to be withdrawn exceeds $ 1 billion.

According to the occupation authorities, tens of thousands of documents on property in the Crimea were previously issued bypassing Ukrainian laws.

Earlier QHA reported that transfer of the electric grids of the occupied Sevastopol to Russian jurisdiction began in Crimea.

PHOTO: Internet