Specially equipped ships of the Black Sea Fleet will proceed to the Black Sea on July 21 to search for submarines, ships, naval vessels and aircrafts sunken during the First and Second World Wars, Deputy Defence Minister and Army General Dmitry Bulgakov told the Russian media.

On Tuesday, the expedition started off from Moscow to the Belbek airfield in Crimea by military transport aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

D. Bulgakov said that the expedition will last until July 29 and will be held in the Black Sea in the vicinity of Kachi, Yevpatoria, Feodosia and Kerch Strait.

The expedition will involve up to three ships and vessels of the Black Sea Fleet.  The auxiliary fleet vessel KIL-158 is expected to raise the objects from the seabed. Later, the plaques with lists of crew members will be installed on hulls of identified ships and submarines,” he said.

The experts of Russian Search Movement and Russian Military-Historical Society will be involved in the expedition as well.

Photo: Internet