The Russian Analytical Center characterized the occupied Crimea as the most economical region, owing to the ineffectiveness of "state" purchases, the Russian edition of "RBC" reported, referring to the rating of the Analytical Center.

According to the center’s version, the criterion of economy reflects the savings on public procurement, done in competitive ways, namely - by how many percent the customer managed to reduce the price compared with the initial one.

The most economical region was the Russian-annexed Crimean peninsula, which spent an average of 22.4% less than the initial price on each purchase. Sevastopol got in the top three as well.

At the same time, the authors of the rating themselves note that "economy" can talk about the inefficiency of purchases and raises many questions.

In the example cited was an auction for the supply of textbooks in the Crimea: its initial price was 399.7 million rubles, and the contract was concluded with a single supplier for 399.7 thousand rubles, thereby it was possible to save significantly. Furthermore, "an average saving of more than 20% raises the issue of the correctness of the documentation" and does not speak of the effectiveness of procurement.

Earlier QHA reported that according to Russian statistics service Rosstat, real incomes of Russians are falling for three years, in fact following the occupation of the Crimea.

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