The local “authorities” create unbearable living conditions for the Crimean Tatar entrepreneurs in the occupied peninsula. Eskender Bariev, a member of the Mejlis of Crimean Tatars, told about the facts happening in Sudak now.

“Today, the occupation authorities are planning to demolish the market in Sudak owned by Ilver Ametov, an entrepreneur, philanthropist and activist of the Crimean Tatar national movement. This market provides jobs for hundreds of families from the steppe part of Crimea, which can earn money in the summer. The occupiers create intolerable conditions for life of indigenous people in their homeland,” Eskender Bariev wrote on his Facebook page. “They also intend to demolish 6 buildings of Crimean Tatars in Sudak,” he added.

It was reported earlier by QHA that the Crimean "authorities" planned to demolish the commercial facility of the Chairman of the regional Mejlis, as well as 6 houses of Crimean Tatars located near the water park in Sudak.

Photo: Internet