The Crimean occupation authorities are developing an agreement on cooperation with Syria, which provides for the creation of a working commission and trading houses, according to the Kremlin-controlled deputy prime minister of the annexed peninsula, Georgy Muradov.

Occupiers also plan to establish a port cooperation with Syria.

“We began to consider issues that will give a significant economic result, useful for the Crimeans and Syrians. This is, in particular, direct trade, which is especially important given the Western sanctions imposed on the Crimea and Syria," Muradov said.

According to him, during the Yalta International Economic Forum, which was held in April, the parties signed some memorandums and, at the moment, "an agreement is being prepared on trade, economic, scientific and technical, cultural and humanitarian cooperation".

“We plan to sign the second agreement with the Ministry of Economic Development and Foreign Trade of Syria, which would provide for the creation of a bilateral working commission and the formation of trading houses."

Also, the occupation authorities of the peninsula intend to establish a joint shipping company with Syria.

“Regarding direct ties, we mean freight transport and, in the long run, cruise lines that could cover the Black Sea regions, including Abkhazia. Our trade flow is over 10 million tons per year. Ports are free, they need to develop. We have adopted a decision on the dynamic development of bilateral relations.”

So, the occupation "authorities" intend to import citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, grapefruits) from Syria, as well as nuts and dates.

QHA reported that the invaders increased exports of grain from Crimea to Syria, as allegedly there are agreements on the sale of surplus crops. Thus, the growth of supplies of grain from Crimea supports the regime of Bashar Assad. In turn, the annexed peninsula may receive products from Syria, such as olive oil.

Source: TASS