The Russian invaders resort to the practices of the Soviet totalitarian regime in the Crimea.

A corresponding statement was made by the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the international organizations in Vienna, Ihor Prokopchuk.

"Resorting to the practices of the Soviet totalitarian regime, the Russian occupation security services and police prevented from holding a meeting of the Crimea Solidarity - a peaceful gathering of families of political prisoners, lawyers and human rights activists, in Sudak on January 27," he said.

QHA reported that in the occupied Crimea in Sudak security officers forced the activists of the public association Crimean Solidarity to provide their passport data, holding them in the premises where the meeting of the organization was held.

Reference: Police squad arrived at the meeting of the Crimean solidarity. According to the security forces, the reason for their arrival was information about the presence of weapons in the room where the meeting of the public association was held. They added that the meeting was held in the "border zone" and it had to be coordinated with the so-called authorities.