The occupation authorities increased grain exports from the annexed Crimea to Syria, under allegedly existing agreements to sell surplus of agricultural crops.

Thus, from the middle of 2017, the invaders sent to Syria about 10 ships with 170 thousand tons of grain. Syria stated that it had signed an agreement with the Russian Federation on the purchase of three million tons of grain within three years.

The amount of grain in Syria influences the production of bread, which is the main product for most of the local population. The cultivation of cereals in Syria has significantly decreased because of the hostilities.

The growth of grain supplies from the Crimea supports the regime of Bashar Assad. He managed to conduct several large grain tenders, as international sanctions do not apply to food and banking restrictions.

In turn, the Crimea can receive in exchange for wheat products from Syria, such as olive oil. Such an exchange is effective, since Russia is under international sanctions because of the occupation of the Crimea.

Earlier, information emerged that Russia uses the "Caucasus" port, which is located on the Russian side of the Kerch Strait, to bypass sanctions. The "Caucasus" port is not on the sanctions lists, however, on the way to the port to a foreign vessel comes another, which already appears on the lists. The cargo is loaded onto it and the ship carries this cargo to the occupied Crimea.

Source: Reuters