On October 15, a “delegation” from the Crimea headed by the Crimean “Prime Minister” Sergey Aksyonov arrived in Damascus on a two-day visit. The visit was timed to the “Days of the Republic of Crimea in Syria” that began last week.

Apart from Aksyonov, the delegation consisted of the “Speaker of the Crimea” Vladimir Konstantinov, Aksenov’s Deputy Georgy Muradov, Senator of the State Duma of Russia Olga Kovitidi and other representatives of the occupation authorities of the Crimea.

According to Aksyonov, the program of the visit was agreed upon with the Russian ministries of defense and foreign affairs.

On Monday, October 15, the “Crimean delegation” held talks with the Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade of Syria, Mohammad Samer Abdelrahman al-Khalil, and representatives of other Syrian departments.

Also, a visiting session of the Yalta International Economic Forum "Crimea: the point of growth of Russian-Syrian relations" took place in Syria.

According to its results, the parties agreed on mutual deliveries of products, Aksyonov said. It is about the export of electrical equipment, as well as rye and wheat flour from the Crimea to Syria.

According to Aksyonov, Syria is interested in goods from the Kerch switch plant, Krasnoperekopsk pipe plant, the Fiolent plant, and the electric machine-building plant Firma SELMA.
In turn, the Assad regime will supply citrus fruits, vegetables and phosphates to the Crimea for the operation of the Crimean chemical enterprises, according to Aksyonov.

“We have already agreed with colleagues on the establishment of working groups, setting deadlines and identifying responsible persons. For the Republic of Crimea, it is important that the goods easily go through customs procedures and, accordingly, the price without additional taxes could satisfy producers. In this regard, specific vessels will be formed for specific groups of goods to meet the requirements of both the Crimea and the Syrian Arab Republic,” Aksyonov wrote on Facebook.

The more detailed action plans to promote the products are expected to develop in 30 days.

During the visit, the creation of a joint Syrian-Crimean trading house was also discussed, as well as the possibility of calculating supplies in national currency and the launching of flight connection between Syria and the Crimea.

“I am sure that very soon peace will be fully established in Syria and the monuments of UNESCO which are here, will be in demand for visiting by Crimean tourists,” Aksyonov said.

In addition, it is planned to sign an agreement on trade, economic, scientific, technical and humanitarian cooperation between the Crimea and the Syrian province of Latakia.

Both the Crimea and Syria are under US and EU sanctions.
Earlier, on September 25 the occupied Crimea was visited by delegation from self-proclaimed "Donetsk People’s Republic". Following the visit, the parties agreed on the supply of industrial products to the occupied peninsula and agricultural products in the “DPR”.

Source: Izvestia.