Aerial imagery available to SMM recorded fire from territory occupied by the pro-Russian militants on Avdiivka industrial zone.

OSCE provided the information in the report published on February 5. In particular, it pointed out that industrial zone of Avdiivka was fired with howitzer aiming fire from the territory of Makiivka occupied by militants.

“Aerial imagery available to SMM recorded on 1 February revealed the presence of three towed howitzers near Yakovlivka and seven towed howitzers and two self-propelled howitzers near Yasynuvata. Eight of the ten towed howitzers and both of the self-propelled howitzers were in firing positions oriented toward the industrial zone. Of the last two towed howitzers one was oriented towards the north-west and one was travelling. Aerial imagery, also available to SMM from 31 January revealed two MLRS (BM-21) and scorch marks at two distinct locations indicating firing positions in the south-west of Makiivka,” reads the report.

Earlier, January 29 the situation seriously aggravated in the Avdiivka area Donetsk region. ATO forces suffered casualties. In the battles for Avdiivka from January 29 to February 2, 11 Ukrainian military were killed.

January 30 in the result of the militants shelling, Avdiivka remained without heat, water and electricity. The same evening, a state of emergency was introduced in the city.

February 5 almost the whole Avdiivka was connected to the power supply.

European Union Ambassador to Ukraine Hugues Mingarelli urged the parties in the conflict to respect the ceasefire in order to avoid the final destruction of the socio-economic infrastructure of Donbas.

Photo: Internet