Prices for gasoline and diesel in the occupied Crimea are the same as in Kamchatka Peninsula in the Far East of the Russian Federation, where gas stations are located thousands of kilometers from the mainland terminals.

The Kremlin-controlled Territorial body of Federal Statistics service in Crimea Krymstat informed that according to data as of October 1, 95RON gasoline in Simferopol costs from 48.40 to 50.51 rubles per liter, while on the Far Eastern peninsula 95RON also costs 51 rubles / liter.

A liter of 95RON gasoline in the Crimea costs more than in a number of cities in neighboring Russia. Thus, in Moscow, it is sold at 46 rubles / l, diesel fuel - 43 rubles / l. In Omsk - 42.40 and 44.10 rubles / l, respectively, in Kursk - 44.90 and 44.50 rubles / l.

According to statistics, over the last week, gasoline in the Crimea has risen in price by 0.16-0.22%.
Reportedly, the Office of the Russia-controlled Federal Antimonopoly Service in the annexed Crimea suspects one of the networks of petrol stations of the peninsula to intentionally increase fuel prices. This is a network of gas stations LLC Development Service Company.

Earlier operators of gas filling stations for cars in the Crimea warned of a fuel shortage. Crimean gas stations reported that they had difficulties with the purchase of liquefied gas.
Source: Krymstat