The leader of the Luhansk separatists Igor Plotnitsky reported about a coup attempt in the self-proclaimed "LPR".

His video statement was spread by the Luhansk TV, controlled by militants and supported by the Kremlin.

“Another coup attempt occurred in LPR. But it is not about the coup itself, but it may be used to show the alleged outrage of the Ukrainian people in LPR ... And the Ukrainian army is supposed to come to the rescue at this rate. But we were some steps ahead, we know everithing, we know those internal enemies, and those who have patrons, perhaps even in Russia,” Plotnitsky said, and urged residents of the "republic" not to succumb to provocations.

He went on saying that he spoke with the leader of his unrecognized neighbor "DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko, who stated that "they had something like that just about to start, but they worked fine to prevent it."

The terrorist believes that it is all Ukrainian forces, who "will not succeed", because "the Republic has been already well established."

Photo: Internet