Dmitry Polonsky, Minister for Home Policy, Information and Communication of Crimea, is extremely unhappy about unavailability of a rolling blackout schedule for Crimea, reports FLASHCRIMEA.

“I take the liberty of asserting, and my colleagues will back me up on this, that the latest rolling blackout schedule published on Krymenergo website is not accurate. I want information on when blackouts are to be expected, but there is none. Let them shoot me if I am wrong,” Polonsky said.

Polonsky went on to say that the missing schedule makes it impossible to provide general population with accurate information on rolling blackouts.

It was reported earlier that Crimea was hit by a power outage after transmission towers via which electricity is supplied to Crimea and southern Ukraine were blown up in the Khersonsky region on November 21. Following the power outage, an emergency state was declared in Crimea.

Just a reminder: Dmitry Polonsky, the so-called ‘Vice Premier of Crimea, is wanted by the Security Service of Ukraine as ‘a fugitive from justice’.