President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko will hold a series of meetings and negotiations during a working visit to the United States of America, including a meeting with the Head of the United States, Donald Trump, according to the information on the President's website.

Poroshenko also met with representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora.

“Look at the powerful and fantastic support we have today in the United States. I came today with the first visit after the presidential elections (of the U.S. President - editorial remark). And we have a fantastic program.”

Poroshenko noted the importance of meeting with Trump before Russian President Putin.

“It is very important that my meeting, as Ukrainian President, in the White House will take place earlier than the meeting of Putin.”

The President went on saying that this is necessary to “provide information and leave no chance for injustice”.

“There will be meetings in the White House, there will be meetings in the Department of State. There will be meetings in the Department of Defense, Department of Commerce and Department of Energy.”

Reportedly, the Ukrainian Head of the state began his working visit to the United States honoring the victims of the Holodomor of 1932-33 in Ukraine.

“Ukraine has come a long way, despite the huge trials. All that is happening now in Ukraine is in the heart of the diaspora. We feel it. And we do not need to ask for help - the Diaspora does everything that they can.”

Poroshenko stressed that together with Ukrainians around the world, the state managed not only to stop the Russian aggression, but not let Putin's plans for the restoration of the Russian empire be realized. He noted that in three years it was possible to revive a new powerful Ukrainian army, which acquired a unique experience.

At the meeting the Heads of Ukraine and the United States will discuss Russia's fulfillment of its obligations under the Minsk agreements, the issue of the Russian occupation of the Crimea and the possibility of access to it by international observers, as well as bilateral cooperation between Ukraine and the US and assistance to Ukrainian reforms.

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