During his press conference, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko told about a new stage in the development of Ukrainian reforms, which has resulted in an agreement with the United States to provide $ 1 billion loan guarantee, according to QHA correspondent.

“This billion will give the opportunity to create a financial cushion to reforms. This is a vote of confidence and recognition from our global partners,” said the President.

In addition, he noted that the first step was the health reforms, as a simplified drug procurement procedure has already been enacted.

“This will strengthen competition in the market, and reduce the price of medicines,” he noted.

The second step will be the adoption and signing a document on e-payment system that would allow the state to save half a billion hryvnias per year.

“Over the past two months, we have bought more than a billion dollars. This will provide the monetary stability in the Ukrainian market. The abolition of pension tax by the Parliament is the first result of this stabilization approved by the IMF. It is necessary to move from the policy of survival to policy of development. I am confident that these decisions will help to move from tightening belts to improvement of Ukrainians’ lives.

Photo: Internet