The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko made an official statement about the incident in the occupied Crimea and the Russian government accusations of the Ukrainian servicemen. The statement is published on the official website of the President.

“Bringing charges of terrorism against Ukraine in the occupied Crimea sounds as meaningless and cynical as the statements of the Russian leadership about the absence of Russian troops in the Donbas.

These fantasies are only a pretext for the next military threats against Ukraine.
Ukraine strongly condemns terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and, accordingly, rejects using any kind of terrorist actions to stop the de-occupation of the Crimea.

Russia has generously funded and actively backed up terrorism in the territory of Ukraine for a long time, raising it to the level of their public policy in the occupied areas of Donbas, and the annexed Crimea, in the style of 30-ies of the last century.
Using such provocative statements Russia will not be able to discredit Ukraine in the eyes of the international community, as well as to abolish the deserved sanctions imposed by the partners.

I call on Russia's authorities to focus on the good faith compliance with the basic norms of the international law, first of all to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state and human rights.
The Russian Federation is expected to implement the security aspects under the Minsk agreements and use Normandy format mechanisms as well.

Ukraine is devoted to the restoration of its territorial integrity and sovereignty, including the termination of the Crimea occupation, solely by politico-diplomatic means,” said Poroshenko.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting on the incident in the Crimea, claimed that Ukraine resorts to terror and promised that Russia will not turn a blind eye to the death of Russian Security Services officers in the Crimea.

Earlier, the FSB distributed a statement on the prevention of terrorist attacks in the Crimea, allegedly plotted by the Chief of the Ukraine's Defense Intelligence. The Russian Security Services stated it has identified a saboteur group who killed the Russian FSB officer while being arrested outside the city of Armyansk.

Moreover, the FSB announced the "liquidation of the Ukrainian intelligence agent network".

The fake statement also reported on the attempts by
subversive and terrorist groups "to break through" to the territory of the peninsula using "massive shelling and armored vehicles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces."

Chief of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine argues the Russia's FSB charges are fake.