Cyber Units of Ukraine are ready to protect the state from the Russian hacker attacks and can even be counter if the need arises, the President of Ukraine said at the joint briefing with President of Finland Sauli Niinistö, channel 112 reports.

Poroshenko says that the Russian cyber-aggression is an international problem, and the world should be prepared for such elements of the RF hybrid war.

“Russia carries out cyber attacks not only against Ukraine, which was confirmed. We have a strong cyber unit. And thus Ukraine can counterattack. But Ukraine is not the only goal of cyber attacks. All the European nations and the United States are the objects of cyber-attacks. This is an element of a hybrid war. Together with economic sanctions and cyber attacks, along with the annexation and destabilization, we must be fully prepared for the challenges on the part of the Russian Federation,” the President said.

Earlier QHA reported, that December 30, the US Department of Homeland Security together with the Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a report, which disclosed details of Russian hacker attacks on government official servers. Experts have identified two major hacker attacks, which were called "advanced persistent network threats" APT28 and APT29. APT29 phishing attack was aimed at more than one thousand US officials. With the help of malicious links hackers managed to gain access to the network of the Democratic Party in the summer of 2015. Attack APT28 in spring 2016 used similar methods of hacking government portals.