After counting nearly 100% of the votes, a Socialist Igor Dodon wins the elections in Moldova with 52% of votes.

When the information about the results was announced in the media, thousands of activists came to the streets of Chisinau. They claim that the election results were rigged, and the Central Election Commission bears responsibility for it. At the moment, protesters are outside the CEC building, demanding its resignation and immediate re-election.

Igor Dodon has repeatedly showed sympathy to the Kremlin, claimed that "Crimea rightfully belongs to Russia," and threatened to reconsider the agreement between the EU and Moldova.
In his recent speeches, Dodon said that the agreement with the EU would be abolished under his presidency, and the first place he will visit as a new President of Moldova is Moscow.

Moldovan analysts explained that the choice of Dodon as a President resulted from disappointment with pro-European policies. During election campaign, the socialist candidate said that the agreement with the EU will suffer only a few changes, however, when his presidency became obvious, he stopped concealing his already clear pro-Russian position.

Photo: Internet