Sevastopol entrepreneurs organized a protest action. The participants complained about the pressure of the occupiers on business and recalled the former earnings "in Ukraine".

People held placards in their hands with slogans: "What I earned in Ukraine was grabbed in Russia", "Judges and officials from the mainland! Return to your native place, stop ripping the people of Sevastopol! We did not invite you! Enough of the occupation! ".

Moreover, the action was attended by mothers with many children who complained about problems with housing.

Earlier, in summer in the occupied Sevastopol, local authorities passed a law that limits the opportunities for holding public events (rallies, protests, meetings, pickets).

On June 12, large-scale anti-corruption rallies were held throughout Russia. According to media reports more than 1,600 people were detained. In particular, more than 900 activists were detained in St. Petersburg.