Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the Crimean blackout following 4 days the transmission lines in the Kherson region have stopped supplying electricity to the peninsula:

- I’m surprised at our Kyiv partners’ stance. These events won’t happen without their silent consent, the Russian Head told a meeting of the State Council Presidium on import substitution.

In addition,Putin noted Crimean residents’ resistance and their "willingness to face certain hardships caused by power blockade," reports Mirror of the Week. The Russian president also accused the "Kyiv partners" of torturing the Crimean residents:

- It is obvious and understandable: they say they need to return Crimea to Ukraine and at the same time torture the people.

Blowing up of the transmission power lines in the Kherson region halted Ukrainian power supplies to the Russia-occupied Crimea. This incident has triggered a collapse: lines at electrified gas stations, closed supermarkets, local residents are snapping up candles, bread and lights.