According to the President of the aggressor country, Russia was ready to allocate three times more money to the occupied Sevastopol than was allocated for the development of the city, but the region simply "can not implement the allocated budget." President Vladimir Putin made the corresponding statement at a meeting with teachers in the Kremlin, answering the question of a teacher from Sevastopol.

Putin believes that in Sevastopol the situation with the social and road infrastructure is very complicated, much more complicated than in Russia.

He said that Russia could give 2-3 times more money, but the city of Sevastopol can not implement the budget. The President of Russia noted that Sevastopol is not ready to accept such a large amount of money and to use it, so that "no one there would loot and steal."

Earlier, in 2016, the average monthly payments to the so-called management of the Directorate of the Federal Target Programs amounted to from 472.6 thousand to 607.5 thousand rubles., (About $ 10 thousand), and to employees of the non-leadership - 302.8 thousand rubles. It was also concluded that budgetary funds in the Crimea are very poorly implemented: in 2015, the level of development was 23.6%, in 2016 - 63%. Out-of-budget sources in 2015 comprised 6% and 2.6% in 2016.

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