According to Russian media, in the upcoming presidential election the incumbent head of the Russian Federation will vote for himself in the occupied Crimea.

Putin can cast his vote in Sevastopol, where after annexation the shortage of administrative success is observed. The experts also note that a trip to the Crimea is a good idea, though the Russian leader is unlikely to leave Moscow on March 18, where he traditionally votes since the 2000s.

The Russian edition of RBC reported that the "authorities" of Crimea expect the turnout in the presidential elections to be the same as in the illegal referendum of 2014 that is more than 90%.

Last year, Russia simplified the legislation and now Russians can vote at their place of residence, not registration.

Earlier, a propaganda video of the collaborators appeared in the network with an appeal to the Crimean Tatars to go to the polling stations of the occupied peninsula on March 18.

Source: Kommersant