Former Ukrainian People's Deputy and the current  Speaker of the "Novorossiya parliament" Oleg Tsaryev, famous for his "knowledge" of Ukrainian history, received a children's sanatorium "Ai Todor" located in the occupied Crimea as a gift from Putin, according to the Russian TV Rain.

The sanatorium is reported to be the former estate of the Grand Prince Mikhail Romanov and it has a status of an architectural monument of regional significance.

In November 2015 "The Crimean Ministry of Economic Development" has concluded an agreement on the reconstruction of the sanatorium with the LLC "Raduga" headed by the polititian’s mother Nina Tsaryeva, according to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. The company is founded by Tsaryev himself (he owns 1%) and by another company "Selbillyar", 99% of which is owned by his wife Larissa Tsaryova. Oleg Tsaryev confirmed this information and noted that he might take over the reconstruction project in the future.

Tsaryev family received the sanatorium for "reconstruction and development" in November 2015. 

The resort is located near Yalta, 175 meters above sea level. The total area of "Ai Todor" is more than 6 hectares, 5.9 of which are occupied by a huge park, where once the Romanov family walked.

The Prince Mikhail Romanov, who was the younger brother of the Emperor Alexander II, purchased the estate in 1869 for his wife Grand Duchess Olga Feodorovna. Among the survived buildings are the Petit Palais, the Children Palace , School of 1912, catering department of 1860, laundry, dining room and a family chapel of 1912, which all became the sanatorium area in Soviet times. In the west wall of the main building there is an ancient tombstone, which entered the list of archeology monuments of local importance. Alongside with the "Ai Todor" buildings Tsaryev obtained into ownership 2 hectares of land.

Oleg Tsarev fled Ukraine after the November 2015, when General Prosecutor's Office started his conviction in absentia procedure charging him of deliberate effords to change the state border of Ukraine and public calls for separatism and violent overthrow of the established constitutional order in Ukraine.

Oleg Tsaryev is accused of participation in separatist meetings in Donbass in April and May 2014, being  a Ukrainian People's Deputy and presidential candidate. Later, he became one of the founders of the so-called "DPR" and "LPR". These actions fall under several criminal articles like formation of terrorist groupings and treason.

Tsaryev is currently hiding on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Photo: Internet