In particular, Putin said that the "blackout" is a serious crime, to which the human rights organization failed to respond, "They keep their mouth shut." Naturally, in the context of offenses, he did not mention the repression against the Crimean Tatars and recognition of Mejlis a terrorist organization.

Regarding the purpose of the "blackout" Putin said:

“What did they expect? ... That all would kneel down asking for handout? Surprisingly simple. Amazing idiots.”

Russian President also gave several promises to the residents of the occupied peninsula:

“At the end of this year, a gas pipeline will be laid to the Crimea... Frankly speaking, it will be a different life.

Commenting on the problem of water in the annexed peninsula, he said that gas will provide new opportunities for desalination of water. Putin has promised to soon resolve the aforementioned problems "completely and for years to come."

It should be noted that the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry responded to the next Russian President's visit to the peninsula with a strong note of protest, logical noting that the annexation of the Crimea resulted in "economic, social and humanitarian problems on the peninsula."

Photo: Internet