Responding to a question about the murder of the Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov in Turkey December 19, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the incident made him change his mind about the downed fighter aircraft Su-24, which violated the airspace of Turkey.

It turned out, that the Russian President has previously doubted that the Turkish authorities ordered to shoot the fighter

“I was skeptical about the thesis that the plane was shot down under the order of higher military leadership, but after the attack on the Ambassador, committed by a former special forces officer, I changed my opinion,” Putin said.

Speaking about the Russian-Turkish relations in the context of the Syrian issue, Putin stressed that the evacuation of the civilian population from Syrian cities could not be carried out without the active collaboration of the Turkish, Iranian and Russian leadership, as well as "good will of Bashar al-Assad."

November 24, 2015, two Turkish fighters F-16 shot down a Russian military aircraft Su-24, which illegally crossed the border and flew into the territory of Turkey. Turkish leadership made ten preliminary warnings to leave the airspace, but Russian pilots did not react, after which the aircraft was shot down.

Photo: Internet