(QHA) -

Crimean NGO “Qirim” intends to hold Kurultay session in April, head of the NGO, deputy chairman of Crimean Parliament Remzi Ilyasov announced, stressing that “there is a need to unite efforts of society to settle issues of Crimean Tatars”.

According to Ilyasov, there are more than 100 Kurultay delegates who want to “unite their efforts, hold Kurultay session and start settling the issues of Crimean Tatar people”.

“I suppose we will reach consensus on the issue and will conduct the next session of Kurultay in April, to solve all the sour points”- he said.

Meanwhile, Mejlis member Ilmiy Umerov declared Ilyasov’s statement “a bluffing”.

"They have succeeded neither in “Qirim” civil organization, nor in having the majority in the Mejlis; and now they are bluffing us into having 100 Kurultay delegates who will support them…  What is next? We don’t have so many betrayers, you should realize that!- Umerov wrote in Facebook.