A mass rally is being held outside the Verkhovna Rada. According to the QHA correspondent, in addition to representatives with the "Ukrop" and "Freedom" Parties, as well as a small number of members with Gennady Balashov’s Party "5/10", there are also many ordinary Kyiv citizens, both young and adults, including parents of soldiers fighting in the ATO.

Andrey Ilienko with "Freedom"Party delivered a speech saying his party will block the adoption of the law on decentralization, which, according to them, makes Donbass terrorists and separatists irresponsible for their actions.

The non-party activists hope to talk with US Vice President Joe Biden, who is to speak today in Parliament, and to convey to him their dissatisfaction with the policy of the President and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. People say the government is working ineffectively, using and covering the old corruption schemes. Concerned Ukrainians demand cessation of a new wave of political repression in the country, which, according to many human rights defenders, is higher than during Yanukovych ruling.

“Spilna Sprava” Party spoke out against the Yatsenyuk government and traditionally invited the party supporters to the rally via SMS.

Representatives of the Sergei Kaplin’s "Party of Common People", who are also present at the meeting, spoke out against the US to provide financial assistance to Ukraine, which was talked about by Biden. A political force believes such infusions only strengthen the corrupt power and do not help the Ukraine’s development.