Today, in Kyiv the Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin discussed with the Secretary of State of the Vatican the release of our political prisoners in Russia and Crimea.

- I asked the Catholic Church to use its powers and contacts in order to free our political prisoners since people in occupied Crimea have no rights. We won’t be able to control this avalanche in occupied Crimea without monitoring. We are trying to get through to our political prisoners.

The Minister expressed gratitude to Valeriya Lutkovskaya, VR Commissioner on Human Rights, for her work aimed to bring in contacts for the release of Ukraine’s political prisoners.

- The main idea that has emerged –Russia tries to take our political prisoners out from Crimea in order to create an impression that Crimea is a part of Russia. But it won’t work out, no one will recognize it. We will involve OSCE and the EU so that they can use the available leverages.

According to Klimkin, the main focus is to consolidate the world's politicians.

- Each politician should start conversations with Russia’s representatives with a question about the de-occupation of Crimea and the return of our prisoners from the Russian Federation. This issue requires special attention to what is going on in occupied Crimea since it will allow the Ukrainian and world media to put pressure on Russia, said Klimkin.

Photo: QHA