Vice-Speaker of the Crimean State Council Remzi Ilyasov commented on the Crimean blockade calling it a publicity stunt, but still contradicting this statement in his comments. According to Ilyasov, the blockade of transport routes leading to the peninsula is meaningless.

However, food prices keep going up and none of officials has proposed a way to solve the problem. Vice Speaker accused the Ukrainian authorities of reinforcing the discriminatory state of the Crimean Tatar people, ignoring the need to adopt special laws to deal with the deportation consequences. But still he was silent about the numerous human rights violations documented by the OSCE Mission and the Russian human rights activists, as well as about unsolved murders and disappearance of Crimean Tatars.

It is strange to hear from a representative of the Crimean Tatar people that Russia will take care of the Crimean Tatars’ economic prosperity, while the Chairman of the Crimean State Council Vladimir Konstantinov insists that the blockade is genocide, calling to give a legal assessment of this food blockade.