In the European Parliament, the Ukrainian delegation presented a report prepared by the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Information Policy and the international volunteer intelligence group InformNapalm. The report focuses on the crimes of Russian private military companies in the Donbas and Syria, according to the SBU press-center.

Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Dmitry Zolotukhin made the report at a special event in the European Parliament. The Ukrainian delegation delivered a comprehensive presentation to the European parliamentarians on the activities of terrorist groups the Kremlin sent to the Donbas, the Crimea, Syria, and earlier to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Ukrainian delegation also provided the representatives of the European Parliament with the data on the well-known Russian militants, in order to punish them on the European level for violating international law.

In the course of the presentation, the Ukrainian delegation recalled that the fighters of the so-called private military company "Vagner" were involved in the downing of the Ukrainian Il-76 with 49 military on board in June 2014 and a number of other crimes in Ukraine. The head of the "Vagner" in Ukraine Dmitry Utkin is suspected of having committed a criminal offence.

Reportedly, the hearings on the "Russian private military companies fighting in Ukraine and Syria" were organized by the European Parliament deputy from Poland Anna Fotyga with the support of the European Conservative and Reform Party faction.

Earlier, the Security Service of Ukraine reported that the 152 citizens of Ukraine are kept hostages of terrorist organizations "DPR" and "LPR" in the Donbas, and another 404 citizens are missing.