Several provocations were made in relation to Oleg Sentsov in an attempt to sign documents for Russian citizenship and, accordingly, to obtain a Russian passport, Dmitri Dinze, the lawyer of the Kremlin prisoner, informed on his Facebook page.

According to him, these plans of the Russian Federation have failed, since Sentsov always reads the documents.

The lawyer noted that attempts to sign documents on Russian citizenship against Sentsov were made in the colonies through which his client was transferred, including in Yakutia.

“Oleg technically, physically and legally could not renounce Russian citizenship, introduced by the federal constitutional law following Crimean annexation, since the FSB refused to notarize powers of attorney and applications. They also believed that any information from the criminal case was the secret of the investigation, and, accordingly, the defense could not initiate the procedure for renouncing citizenship on its own, the trials on the secret of the investigation subsequently became the subject of consideration by the Constitutional Court. The pre-trial detention center did not allow letters and statements from Oleg, they all were left at the investigator and not allowed to be forwarded," Dinze said.

The time when Oleg could renounce his citizenship within the statutory deadlines was missed, the lawyer said.

“We refused to go to the Crimean courts to challenge the procedure of imposing citizenship so as not to legitimize illegal procedures of Russia against the citizen of Ukraine Oleg Sentsov, leaving the status of a de jure citizen of Ukraine. Many here correctly understood that the courts did not specify the citizenship of Sentsov in the decisions, leaving this issue open," he explained.

Dinze further noted that the court of first instance was also surprised when the setting data became known that Sentsov was a Russian citizen, although the passport of a citizen of Ukraine appeared in the case.

The lawyer also published a photocopy of Sentsov's passport.

Let's note, earlier Dinze informed, that the MP of the State Duma of Russia, "the ex-public prosecutor" of the occupied Crimea Natalia Poklonskaya took part in session of "court" in 2014 on which a preventive punishment for Sentsov was chosen.