Due to the occupation of the Crimea, Russia has become weaker, less respected and poor.

British journalist Owen Matthews made a corresponding statement right on the air of the RF propaganda channel Russia 1.

"You have grossly violated international law, you now deal with the consequences. Because of this, Russia has become weaker, less respected and poorer," he said.

According to him, Russia is trying to cover its actions with an avalanche of lies and deny what has been done. He also called the occupation of Crimea by Russia a catastrophic mistake.

"You made a catastrophic strategic mistake, breaking not only international laws, but also losing Ukraine ... You made it so that the whole of Europe stood against you," the journalist said.

Matthews urged the Russian Federation to adhere to international law.

“I see no reason why Russia should not belong to the civilized world ... If Russia respects the elementary rules of civilization, for example, do not take away parts of other countries. Then everyone is absolutely ready to lift sanctions tomorrow," he said.

Reference: Russia treacherously attacked the sovereign Ukrainian state in 2014. The Russians, conducted an illegal "referendum" in the Crimea at gunpoints, “receiving” 120% support for annexation, and then they attempted to seize the rest of Ukraine taking advantage of the chaos of the "Russian spring", but were stopped in the Donbas by the strength of volunteers who, with the support of the Ukrainian people, took a stand to defend the country. Now the Russian Federation is trying to keep the occupied Crimea and part of the Donbas under its influence through terror and intimidation. Because of the annexation of the Crimea, the Russian Federation was expelled from the G-8, PACE and made an outcast country.