Over March this year, the Public organization "The Crimean Tatar Resource Center" has reported on an uptrend in crime rate as it has registered 68 cases of human rights violations in annexed Crimea, according to a post on Facebook.

- We have registered 68 human rights violations over the last month (!). For comparison - in February, the number was about 40. Searches, detentions, intimidations, various bans have become commonplace in Crimea, reported the Crimean Tatar Resource Center.

The employees of the organization have come up with a visual summary of the human rights violations in Crimea for the last month that include the following: a ban on holding rallies on the Day of the Birth of Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko, hearing to ban the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, desecration of the Crimean Tatar flag in the city of Yevpatoria, recognition of the Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian languages as foreign ones and others.

As QHA reported earlier, over the last two years the Ministry of Information Policy has registered more than 170 human rights violations against journalists and media representatives in Crimea.

Photo: Internet