Three Ukrainian soldiers of the 79th Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, held up by Russian border guards at the so-called ‘Ukraine-Crimea border’, are accused of crossing ‘the state border ‘ without IDs, reports the Border Guard Service of the Russian Federation.

The incident took place on a dam located on the Syvash Lake.

According to the statement released by the Border Guard Service, the Ukrainian servicemen “wanted to talk to the Russian marines they saw on the opposite side of the lake”. It is also mentioned in the statement that the Ukrainian soldiers will be held administratively liable. Currently, they are facing no threat to their life or health.

An investigation into the incident launched by the SSU (Security Service of Ukraine) is currently ongoing. According to Yuriy Tandit, an advisor to Head of the SSU, the SSU will release a statement as soon as information is available on how exactly the Ukrainian soldiers ended up being in Russian custody.

According to the statement released by the press service of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, three servicemen were reported leaving their compound and never coming back.

It also says in the statement that vehicles from Crimea were sighted approaching the area where the 79th Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is stationed on the night the soldiers went missing. The General Staff does not rule out the possibility of the soldiers being kidnapped because their weapons, ammo and IDs were left in the compound.