April 27, near the entrance to the Bosphorus Strait, the Russian Black Sea Fleet ship "Liman" collided with the cargo ship Ashot-7 under the flags of Togo, and sank. 78 crew members of the Russian vessel were rescued by the Turkish coast guard units.

Allegedly, the "Liman" collided with the vessel "Ashot-7" due to the thick fog.

Later it became known that the owner of cargo (sheep) from the civil ship "Ashot-7", which downed a Russian Black Sea Fleet warship as a result of a collision, turned out to be a Crimean Tatar - Romanian citizen Mahmud Karazi. In a commentary to journalists, he noted that the responsibility for the incident should be borne by the Russian side, and he appealed with the Turkish court against the Russian Federation.

Russia began to work on lifting equipment from a naval reconnaissance ship "Liman", which sank as a result of collision in the Black Sea on April 27.

On the shipwreck site, the research vessel Seliger and the tug SB-739 are working.

After works completion, both ships will return to the Black Sea Fleet in occupied Sevastopol.

PHOTO, Source: AA