Another catering business, owned by a Turkish citizen, stopped working in Chelyabinsk.

Yesterday, December 29, representatives of Rospotrebnadzor (Russian sanitary service) disclosed the court decision providing for the suspension of the Antalya café work for 14 days. The reason for the legal action was the inspection of the catering business by the sanitary service.

During a raid at the cafes and restaurants owned by Turkish citizens, deviations from normal handling and storage of meat and vegetables were revealed at Antalya cafe (68-g, Molodogvardeytsev St.). In addition, the white coats of chefs were kept together with the rest of the clothes in the dressing room.

In court, the representatives of the catering business said that most of the violations had already been eliminated. But it did not affect the decision to suspend the activities of the cafe.

The court decision caused the greatest damage to the café owners on New Year's Eve, as traditionally many locals celebrated it in the cafe.