Russia deployed the Missiles, used to support the Syrian pro-government army of Bashar al-Assad to Crimea, according to Mikhail Samus, the Deputy Director of the Center for Army Conversion and Disarmament on international grounds.

“Transportation of missile forces from Syria to Crimea under the Russian Defense Ministry's order is a signal to Ukraine and the International Community. Cruise missiles in the possession of the Russians on the territory of Crimea are a threat to the whole of Europe,” the expert said.

According to a QHA correspondent, Samus said that Russia is focused on naval, air and missile components in the Crimea.

“Marines and ships are ready to carry out naval operations. The main attack is likely to be launched from the sea. At any moment Russia can close access to the sea for Ukraine,” Mikhail Samus said.

Russia actively reconstitutes the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea, supplying submarines with the latest cruise missiles.

Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine recorded the Russian supplies of coastal missile systems groups to Crimea and enhancing the aviation and marines.

Photo: RIA Novosti