Representatives of the Black Sea basin countries, including Russia, recognized the closed status of seaports of the annexed Crimea, and the fact of occupation of the peninsula, Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan stated.

According to him, erroneously, or not having read into the document, Moscow put its signature under the memorandum of the committee of the countries of the Black Sea basin on recognizing the Crimean ports as "closed".

Omelyan noted that this occurred in April this year.

“In the framework of regular meetings of the Black Sea basin countries, which took place in April this year, a memorandum of the Committee on Ports in the Black Sea region decided to recognize the status of the Crimean ports as "closed". For the first time, the Russian side recognized this status - erroneously, or not having read into the document - but we have the signature of Moscow, which, in fact, is a recognition of the occupation of the Crimean peninsula," the minister said.

He went on saying that the signature of the Russian Federation in this document will have all the international legal consequences.

Reportedly, 20 violating vessels entering the ports of the occupied Crimea were recorded in April.

Previously, Turkey stopped the ferry service with the Russia-occupied Crimea without explanation. Turkish ports do not accept Crimean vessels as well.