During the Russian military campaign in Syria (36 months), more than 18,000 people died, of whom about 8,000 were civilians, According to the report of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, based in London.

The human rights defenders inform that among the dead are 1936 children, 4,753 men and young people, 1,199 women.

It is noted that 5233 terrorists of the "Islamic state" were killed, as well as 4875 fighters of the rebel and Islamic Factions, Hayyaat Tahrir al-Sham, the Islamic Turkestani Party, and fighters of Arab and foreign nationalities.

The report of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights notes that the military of the Russian Federation are committing massacres under the pretext of combating terrorism.

“We in the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, although the Russian side is continuing to declare allegations and lies which assert that its warplanes and rocket strikes did never kill citizens, still see that the Russian Federation – the permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), is still continuing to kill Syrian citizens, amid the continuation of the International Community’s silence and ignorance about these massacres and crimes committed against the Syrian people, by Russia, which it carries out under the pretext of fighting “terrorism”.

The report says that the international community has not taken any action to stop crimes against the Syrian people, except media condemnations through it and through its United Nations special envoy to Syria.

“We, through publishing the documented statistics of human losses, which the civilian Syrians are their main victims due to the military operations in Syria, seeking to send a message to the international community, carried through the cries and pain of the Syrian people, perhaps these shocking statistics, cries and pain may move the conscience of this community to act for the immediate stopping of the ongoing murders against the Syrian citizens, and we renew our strong condemnation against killing citizens in Syrian, and call on the UNSC and the UN to work harder to stop the daily killing against the Syrian citizens who seek to reach a state of liberty, democracy, justice and equality, and to bring the criminals to the specialized international courts, so they get their punishment.”

Earlier, the US Representative to the United Nations Nikki Haley also stated that Russia is responsible for the death of civilians in Syria.

Reportedly, in September, Russian military aircraft resumed air strikes on province of Idlib, the last province held by the Syrian rebels.