The Federal National Guard Troops Service of the Russian Federation create the detachment of combat divers to protect the bridge across the Kerch Strait from possible terrorist attacks and saboteurs' raids, reported the Russian newspaper "Izvestia" citing an informed source in the Russian security agencies.

So far, the formation of a military unit is almost completed. The soldiers will immediately take to the protection of the Kerch bridge and continue carrying out this task after the construction works are all over, said the anonymous source of the Russian newspaper.

Fighters will be equipped with modern small arms, speedboats and surveillance tools, running on the depth. Currently, the Kerch bridge is guarded by military counter-sabotage detachments of the Black Sea Fleet.

The construction area is constantly protected by an operational group with several counter-sabotage boats "Grachonok", high-speed "Raptors", as well as the units of combat swimmers and underwater reconnaissance miners.

Photo: Internet