Svetlana Nezhnova, head of the Ukrainian company "Chornomornaftogaz", whose assets were illegally seized by Russia after the annexation of Crimea, told by means of which the Crimea is provided with gas.

“The Russian State Unitary Enterprise "Chernomorneftegaz," which was put on the sanctions list, produces gas in Crimea. If anyone was wondering where Crimea takes gas, the answer is that Russia is supplying it to Crimea with the help of this company producing annually 2 billion cubic meters of gas on the Black Sea shelf.

Thereby the Russian Federation violates the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea of 1982,” Nezhnova said. 

It turns out that the occupation authorities with the help of the stolen company illegally produce gas in the economic zone of Ukraine, supplying it to the annexed peninsula.

QHA reported earlier that during his last visit to the annexed Crimea, Russian President Vladimir Putin promised Crimeans to lay a gas pipeline before the end of the year. The occupation authorities seem to continue to supply the stolen Ukrainian gas to Crimeans before the pipeline is laid.

Photo: Internet