August 15, the Naval Strike Force of Russian Black Sea Fleet will start the tactical drills in the eastern Mediterranean Sea according to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

“The Navy’s capability to act in crisis situations involving terrorism-related threats will be tested at the crediting tactical drills,” reads the statement.

Small missile ships sailed from Sevastopol and currently are making the transition from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean.

“Small missile ships Serpukhov and Zelenyi Dol as well as the Russian Navy permanent task force ships in the Mediterranean will work out the technical assistance to a vessel damaged in the terrorist attacks, interception and detention of the offending terrorist vessel and signaling in accordance with the International Signal Code (MCS-65).  Artillery and rocket fire will be exercised under simulated combat conditions as well,” informs the aggressor’s agency.

The return of the ships to Sevastopol is scheduled for the end of August.

August 10, the FSB distributed a statement on the prevention of terrorist attacks in the Crimea, allegedly plotted by the Chief of the Ukraine's Defense Intelligence. The Russian Security Services stated it has identified a saboteur group who killed the Russian FSB officer while being arrested outside the city of Armyansk.

Moreover, the FSB announced the "liquidation of the Ukrainian intelligence agent network".

The fake statement also reported on the attempts by subversive and terrorist groups "to break through" to the territory of the peninsula using "massive shelling and armored vehicles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces."

Earlier, the spokesman of the Main Directorate of Intelligence with the Ukraine’s Defense Ministry Vadym Skibitskiy informed that the Russian troops exercised antiterrorist measures in the occupied Crimea.

Photo: Internet