Russia plans to bring nuclear weapons to the peninsula and fully restore the Kiziltash storage by 2020, said the Free Crimea project founder Taras Berezovets at the press conference, "Militarization of Crimea. Summer aggravation" in Kiev.

“The Russian Defense Ministry intends to deploy a self-contained group of forces to Crimea and plans to equip the Crimean military bases with nuclear weapons by 2020,” the expert said.

According to a QHA correspondent, the military expert Igor Romanenko told the press conference that Ukraine should cooperate with the US, France and China as strategic partners on nuclear safety.

“To deal with Russia, one should consider the most difficult and pessimistic version of their actions. Illusions are unacceptable. The APU Command should get ready. Nuclear weapons have been and will remain in the Black Sea Fleet. Immediately after the annexation of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff discussed the Crimea defense plan, which presupposes regaining the bases, deployment of additional armored infantry of Marines and the others,” Romanenko said.

The Russian National Guard units and radiation, chemical and biological protection of the RF Armed Forces are stationed at a secret facility, "Theodosius-13", which was used as a store of nuclear bombs in Crimea. It means that the Russian plans to deploy nuclear weapons to the territory of the occupied Crimea.

August 11, the representative of the Directorate General of Intelligence of Ukraine Vadym Skibitskiy reported that the Russian invaders may use nuclear weapons in Crimea. According to him, warships and submarines are located in Sevastopol naval base and in the Crimean airfields.

Nuclear warheads are deployed in the territory of the Southern Military District of Russia as well. Charges can be delivered both on the territory of Crimea, and on the planes from the Southern Military District airfields.